Nintendo copies our ideas!!! Just look at this Nintendo's commercial and judge yourself! Fortunately,...
we have already sued Nintendo and our lawyers will do the rest.
Copycats must be punished so we'll do our best.

We've got another great quiz for you people! Just do this quiz:
and win... eternal happiness!!!

Win XCarton with 2 MegaPads! Print out that crossword:
...then send SMS-message containing XCrossword's solution on 7966. Only correct solutions take part in the lottery!

I have a really bad news, at the moment i heared that info from the secret source, our 4000 XCartons had been stolen from the truck, which was going to the biggest shop in the United Kingdom. Our informator said that whole price of stolen consoles came up to 1 mln pounds. Police is on the trace of robbers. Everyone, who will see the people on the streets, sealing XCarton is asked for a favour and inform about it police.

Today we are pleased to bring you the first trailer for the Pimp My Ride video game, fresh off the digital presses.
Enter Pimp City, where bling is king and speed is everything. On these streets, if your car isn’t fully pimped out, you’d be better off walking. You and Xzibit will take on the challenge of hooking up your homies and transforming their hoopties, buckets and beaters into the hottest whips on the street, while redlining through the streets and alleyways of Pimp City. You choose the mods, you choose the route, but pimpin’ ain’t easy. It will take speed and style to hook them up. Do you have what it takes to Pimp their Ride?

While the morning radio program KDWB-FM, Dave Ryan promised that every mother who will give him her baby for whole day, will get a XCarton. It was only joke ofcourse, but in that moment some mother was calling Dave and use this situation. At least Dave had to say on radio that it was only joke. “Then called me Katie and asked why she can’t leace him his baby and take Xcarton. I replyed her that she is an idiot” was talking Dave. “How someone could leave his baby to unknown person?”.
How we can see an XCarton fans are prepared for everyting, and won’t loose chance of getting their dream console.